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A Couple of Idiots

this months writing prompt was to set our alarms for 3 a.m., get up and write.

THIS is forty

J. N. Johnson

*(confession: the only thing that came to me at 3 in the morning was: “The wrong decision can lead in the right direction.” And that led to the following being written in the daylight hours.)*

*(ps – I am flabbergasted by what Bergen wrote at 3 a.m. That chick needs to write at 3 a.m. all the time!)*

 “Bring me my roti bread.” The beast ordered from her Throne of Bones.

Human bones.

She relished in the memory of making her throne. It was many years ago she had collected beetles to strip the bones clean.  Now, in her advanced age, she had grown weary and couldn’t fathom having the endurance to collect beetles.

At one time the words ‘Jabba Roti’ had struck fear into the hearts of…

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